As a UK based certified DISC practitioner, I often get asked by clients for more information about what their DiSC will look like. Here is a brief overview of what is included and a link to get a sample report 
Part 1 - Understanding DISC 
This comes in 3 sections: 
Behavioral Styles, Pace & Priority 
A Deeper Look at the DISC Styles 
Communication Plans with Others 
Part 2 - Understanding Yourself 
General Characteristics 
Your Style Overview 
Word Sketches: Adapted and Natural Styles 
DISCStyles Graphs 
The Emotions of the Styles  
Your Behavioral Pattern View (Wheel, Diamond, Octagon) 
Bullet Point Pages 
Your Behavior and Needs Under Stress 
Potential Areas for Improvement 
The 12 Behavioral Tendencies 
Summary of Your Style 
Part 3 - Understanding Others and Adaptability 
Application Activities 
Other Assessments from Assessments 24x7 
Have a look at a sample report by clicking the button below 
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