Sometimes, when you're learning how to be better at something, you can run into problems. When that happens, it's really important to know how to solve those problems. In this talk, we're going to talk about the six most common problems that come up when people start business coaching, and we're going to explain how to fix them. 
Problem 1: Resistance to Change: 
Lots of times, when things need to change in a business, some people don't want to change. They might know that changing is a good idea, but they still don't want to do it. One way to help them change is to talk about all the good things that will happen because of the changes and also talk about the bad things that could happen if they don't make the changes. This can make it easier for them to agree to make the changes. 
Problem 2: Goal Setting: 
To be really good at being coached, it's important to have clear and easy-to-measure goals. If you ever find it hard to set these goals, you can make it easier by breaking big goals into smaller ones that are easier to understand and achieve, like taking small steps toward a bigger goal. 
Problem 3: Accountability: 
Accountability is the linchpin for attaining your goals. Should you struggle in this department, consider seeking an accountability partner or entrusting your coach with a more robust accountability role. 
Problem 4: Overwhelm: 
Sometimes, when you're trying to learn and do many things at once, it can feel like too much to handle. To make it easier, you can break big tasks into smaller parts and then do them one by one, starting with the most important ones. This way, it won't feel so hard to manage everything. 
Problem 5: Lack of Progress: 
When you feel like you're not making any progress, it can be really discouraging. But when that happens, you can try something: take a good look at your goals and the plans you have to reach them. If things aren't working out, it's okay to change your goals or how you plan to reach them. And remember, it's normal for progress to take some time, so don't get too frustrated! 
Problem 6: Motivation: 
Sometimes, you might not feel very excited or motivated to do something, and that's okay. When that happens, you can try to get your excitement back by thinking about all the good things that will happen when you achieve your goals. Also, remind yourself why you wanted to start coaching and getting better in the first place. It can help you feel more motivated and ready to go! 
Next Steps: 
Learning and getting better with a coach can be really helpful, but it's not always easy. Sometimes, you'll have problems and things that are hard to do. But guess what? Everybody goes through tough times like these, and you can overcome them if you think positively and approach them in the right way. 
One important thing is to pick a coach who understands what you need and works well with you. Also, it's really important to be honest about your problems and challenges along the way. Don't be afraid to talk about what's hard for you. 
When you face these challenges directly, you won't just get closer to your goals, but you'll also feel more confident and clear about what you want. This can make your life happier and more fulfilling. 

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