Delighted to have recieved this testimonial 
Have you built log rafts? Put up tents wearing blindfolds? Negotiated for bits of plastic models? Acted out scenarios? Shivered in the cold in the name of progress? 
I have. 
Did I develop as a result? 
Not really; I made rafts that sank, hit myself, and others, with mallets, discovered I don't care much for bits of plastic aeroplanes, can’t act and I already knew that being cold and wet was a miserable experience and being cold and wet collectively doesn’t make it any less grim. 
This is a different ball game altogether. 
Here we engaged with each other in a meaningful sense - I know more about my colleagues than I did a few short weeks ago and they are full of surprises. When their workaday facades are dropped they fizz and bang like fireworks, they sing, play and dance, jump off tall buildings, compete, endure, create, coach, study, meditate, teach, mentor and care; they are amazing! We all know how hard it is to attract talent but we have been sitting of a goldmine of it for years. All we needed to do to discover it was to engage, and all we needed to engage was a nudge in the right direction. 
And we set about growing our skill set; not by hitting ourselves, and each other, with mallets, but by identifying and addressing, one at a time, problems in the business. We worked together, starting with small issues then growing them big and after a few weeks we looked back and saw that we resolved dozens of real issues. What we hadn’t done was built a raft that sunk. 
Try it – it really does get things going 
Alan Curry 

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