As a UK based certified DISC practitioner, I often get asked by clients for more information about DiSC and what it can do. Here is a brief overview of some of our most commonly asked questions. 
Which style is the Best? 
Your style is the best! All styles have unique strengths and challenges. 
What makes DiSC so popular? 
DiSC is a short description of YOU, custom designed in 10-15 minutes. It helps you to recognize your style, see what works for you, and control your style. It tells others how to communicate with you, anticipates normal tensions in relationships, and shows you how to read others and adapt your communication. 
Why do people like DiSC? 
DiSC shares information about our favorite topic – us! It is also a quick and easy assessment, and the model is easy to recall, and non-threatening, making authentic sharing easy. 
What does DiSC measure? 
DiSC measures our underlying emotions, needs and fears (like an iceberg), the primary concerns that drive all behavior. Through self-selection, you choose the words that are most like you and the words that are least like you, and through those responses, the tool reveals your behavioral style. 
Why don’t all Ds (or Is, Ss, or Cs) act/communicate the same? 
We all have different biases, preferences, motivations/values, critical thinking skills, experience, education, and intelligence levels that influence our behavior. DiSC is a combination of nature and nurture, so we all have had different things shape us. In the same way that we all have different hair or prefer different flavors of ice cream, we all act and communicate in different ways. Plus, we need all four styles in the world to be as effective as possible. 
What happens if someone tried to outsmart or trick the instrument? Is it easy? 
The DiSC assessment can be tricked, but it’s not that easy! It is not always obvious what the answer “should” be (most and least is the basis, not a scale, and the algorithm is based on both). Some answers are specifically designed to ensure integrity. 
How accurate are the DiSC assessment results? 
DiSC has high statistical accuracy, validity, and reliability through studies over many years. The best measure of validity is YOU – does it represent how others see you behaving at least 80+% of the time? 
If there is an inaccuracy, it is typically caused by human errors– time, focus, and objectivity. If you think too much, take too long, focus on more than one area or try to trick the instrument, the results could be inaccurate. It’s best to do it quickly, without too much analyzing, and go with your natural response or gut feeling. 
Would the report be different if I took the DiSC in a different role? 
Yes, it provides a snapshot of who you are in your adapted styles at the time you took the assessment, depending on the role you had in mind. Keep focused on a single role. 
What do I do if mine is inaccurate? 
Some styles never feel they get it “right”. Ask someone who knows what they see to ensure you aren’t missing something (blind spot). 
If you take the DiSC Assessment at different periods of your life will the results be the same? 
Do you have the same attitudes, beliefs, and values? Are you living the same life? DiSC is a snapshot of how you see yourself in the activity, focus, and environment in which you are answering. As you think, so you are. Behavior is always affected by the decisions you are making or may not make, and you can choose to change. However, your natural tendencies may be more consistent. 

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