This case study outlines how the Employee Engagement programme has turned around MLB-Steel from 8% fully engaged to 27% after a 12 week programme. The case study discusses the background and issues of the company and the challenges and outcomes of the programme. 
Number of participants: 13 
Number of employees total: 40 
MLB Steel is the UK’s largest specialist supplier of bespoke lattice beams and steel trusses, providing quality steel components for the UK construction and manufacturing industries. 
With a history that spans over 75 years, during which time they have supplied most of the UK’s leading brands. Their vision is to build on that history and offer the construction industry the very best structural steel fabrication possible. 
MLB Steel provide an end-to-end service for their customers, including the design, fabrication, delivery and installation of all your structural steel needs, whether you require a lattice structure, a hot rolled steel frame building or a full building envelope including roof sheeting, cladding and/or floor decking MLB Steel are here to help. 
Based centrally in the West Midlands, MLB Steel serves customers right across the UK, delivering premium quality solutions, straight to your location. 
MLB-Steel has a new owner and managing director who took over the business six months ago to save it from administration. He felt that the company culture was old fashioned and stale and that the team were lacking in drive and motivation. He wanted to bring them together and get them energised and excited about the business and the potential to grow. 
Their Employee Engagement survey before the program revealed a score of 8% overall full engagement. 
Goals and Objectives 
The 3 KPIs MLB-Steel wanted to achieve through the programme were: 
1. Improved communication 
2. Responsibility, do what you say, when you say, how you say 
3. One team 
It was a difficult programme with someone leacing in wk 3 and another wanting to leave in wk5. We also had some absences and holidays to contend with. It would be fair to say that not all the participants were happy to be in the programme. 
Wk 2 saw on of the participants bravley share some personal information that shocked the team. By wk 4 people were stepping out of their comfort zones, trusting each other and interacting much better with each other. The self chosen tasks they were completing started to get more in depth and they started choosing to work together instead of individulally.  
90 minute sessions delivered weekly over 12 weeks with a 2 week break for the Christmas holidays. 
As described by the participants and employees not in the programme. 
More conversation between colleagues 
More understanding of each other’s roles within the business 
Better direction from leaders 
More empathy for other roles within the business 
More honesty 
People working on being proactive 
More respectful colleagues 
Our sales force are driven 
Better Teamwork 
Improved Communication 
I am more mindful as a result of discussing behaviours 
More communication on updates 
More interaction with accounts 
More open and honest feedback 
Better consideration of our actions 
Positive approach 
Individuals showing more confidence 
Getting to know our colleagues better 
I have seen regular meetings between design and fabrication department 
I'm noticeably engaged when colleagues are passing me information 
I see directors looking for feedback when discussing projects 
Tasks are getting done 
Everyone has had an appraisal 
Everyone is thinking how they respond to situations 
More positive language used 
People explaining things better about what they want 
More organised 
Through the 12-week programme the employee engagement score increased from 8% to 27% fully engaged. 
"I found the course both informative and fun and on occasion taking people out of their comfort zone, learning more about the companies goals and expectations together with the means of achieving them” – Roger Gumbley 
“Engage & Grow was a positive experience for our company, we have seen individuals grow and the team come together as a more unified unit” – Chad Ward, CEO 
“After a slow start we began to gel with the program as a team and found the process both rewarding on an individual basis and for the company as a whole” – Mark Poole 
“Very good course that brings the team together/Improves communication and the working environment as a whole” – Chris Newton 
“It brought people together and we communicated better, I thought the program was most enjoyable” – Gary Smith 
“I have never been part of a training course when people come and were 'buzzing' everyone has been caught up in the Engage and Grow training and everyone at every level of the business is aware of the program and our business can only benefit. We will reap the benefits of the efforts everyone put in” – Wayne Barker 
“I think it has helped people to interact and feel more open with each other which has helped us become a better team - Marie Poole, Admin Manager 
“Thus far I have never been part of a training course where everyone comes out enthused every week” – Wayne Barker, Finance Director 
“The programme does improve dialogue between departments which should improve productivity” – Rob Merritt, Draughtsman 
“If you are in a business where there is a large varied workforce in many separate departments, I can see the advantage of creating better teams and then reward/ recognition activities help make colleagues feel appreciated & noticed which drives and improves motivation and engagement etc within a company which may otherwise seem impersonal or without a face” – Mark Poole, Senior Estimator 
“Gets people communicating and working as a team” – Chris Newton, Sales Manager 
“Very professionally designed and delivered well to the team” – Jon Wagstaff, Operations Director 

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