In the dynamic landscape of entrepreneurship, the journey to success can often be a labyrinth of challenges and uncertainties. For business owners striving for excellence and seeking to elevate their enterprises to new heights, the guidance of an experienced and dedicated coach can make all the difference. Geoff Fox is one such business coach who has left an indelible mark on the lives and ventures of countless entrepreneurs. With over a decade of coaching experience, Geoff has emerged as a beacon of inspiration and transformation for those he guides. In this blog post, we explore 11 compelling reasons why clients consistently choose Geoff Fox as their trusted business coach.  
1. Results 
Over the last 10 years, Geoff has helped scores of business owners improve their businesses, achieve 
their goals and create a better life for themselves and their families. 
2. Trust 
Geoff establishes an environment of trust with his clients and works actively to build upon that by 
consistently following through with commitments and making progress towards agreed valued goals. 
3. Pride 
Good enough isn’t … Geoff encourages and works with his clients to take pride in themselves and 
their business to be the best business owner they can possibly be. 
4. Value 
Under promise and over deliver … Geoff makes sure he always does more and delivers more than 
expected, encouraging this trait in his clients also. 
5. Knowledge 
Having a philosophy of ‘Constant and never ending improvement’ Geoff invests time and 
money every year in personal development and encourages his clients to do the same. 
6. Experience 
Past and present work with many businesses and people feeds into an immense base of 
business and personal development knowledge which is reflected in the results Geoff’s 
clients experience. 
7. Leadership 
Geoff coaches business leaders to be the best leader they can be – and the rewards for 
the business owner, the business success and the team involved are immense. 
8. Fun 
Work hard, play hard. There’s a time to be serious and put your head down but you also have to 
balance it with a lot of fun and enjoyment, especially when celebrating successes. 
9. Commitment 
Geoff gives 100% commitment and 100% support to keeping his clients focused on the 
goals they set, even through the tough times when clients doubt themselves. 
10. Action  
George S Patton said ‘A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed 
next week’ Knowledge is meaningless if action isn’t taken, Geoff focuses on clients execution of 
the right activities every day. 
11. Success 
Actioncoach’s vision is ‘World Abundance though business Re-education’ Geoff applies this 
vision to every coaching engagement and of course Geoff’s success is measured by his clients 
success … 

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