Engage & Grow

How would it feel if all your employees were fully engaged and aligned with your company goals?

What results could you achieve if every member of your team was working at their highest capacity?

Employee disengagement is the No.1 challenge in business of all industries today. In this ever-competitive world the free flow of people searching for greener grass means it is hard to retain and keep our best employees and even harder to rid ourselves of the rebels who influence and hold back their peers costing our economy millions through low performance and low productivity.

The UK has an employee engagement deficit. Survey after survey indicates that only around one third of UK workers say they are engaged. It is no coincidence that the UK also scores below average for productivity. Take our survey today and find out how engaged your team really is.

What else would that allow you to do?

I have the tools and knowledge to help educate your team to become true leaders who can inspire change to get the buy-in you need from your clients, and to attract and retain the best talent in your industry to deliver your service with or without you. Let’s work together to inspire and effect positive change that can be embedded deep into the roots of any large corporation or SME.

We bring colour back into the minds of employees and organisations

Traditional employee & leadership training is now proven to be OLD and SLOW (2016 Deloitte). There is now a much quicker and more powerful way to create organisational change, it’s called a 'Group Activation System’ TM It is a weekly, facilitated group session that is customised for any business.

This weekly session refreshes:

  1. Systems,
  2. Behaviors,
  3. Culture.

We do this by offering 12 ‘Engagement Keys’ that are customised for the business within that session.

What is an ‘Engagement Key’? It’s an exercise to engage teams in a specific way. After the 12 session program we are doubling employee engagement levels, unearthing more leaders, improving productivity and profits, by neurologically activating and motivating the minds of all employees.