Building habits to succeed – 5 Simple Steps

Building habits to succeed – 5 Simple Steps

Building habits to succeed

Success is the result of sustained positive behaviours. The foundation of positive behaviour is spawned from habits. Think of habits as the infrastructure that forms the basis of success, it takes time to build them but once they are in place, good things start to happen.

If you build your house with mud then it will wash away when the environment becomes harsh, if you build it with bricks and mortar then it will withstand storms.

Bad habits over time will ruin your reputation and wipe out success. Good habits however will send you on the path to monumental success. Don’t expect good habits to make you an overnight success, but over time doing the right things will pay dividends.

Master your mornings

If you want to maximise your day, you should probably be getting up early. Whilst there is nothing inherently special about being up at the crack of dawn; it does sync you with the rest of the world and becoming an early riser can get you ahead.

Moreover, taking some time to implement a solid morning routine will increase focus and clarity for the rest of the day. This can involve the use of affirmations, writing down goals, meditating or whatever else sets you in a positive and productive mind-set.

Clear cutter

Removing clutter from your life has been shown to increase focus. This not only applies to physical clutter, but virtual clutter too. Make it a habit to remove unnecessary untidiness from your working environment. This can mean clearing your work-space or achieving ‘inbox 0’. A clear environment means a clear mind.

Eat your frog

We all have those things that we need to do every day, the important things that we procrastinate on. Make it a habit to tackle these things at the earliest opportunity. Complete your MIT’s (Most Important Tasks) at the first opportunity by writing down the things that you must do at the start of the day and getting them out of the way at the earliest opportunity.


Build a habit of networking at every opportunity. Using every day to build and nurture your network of connections means that you are constantly increasing the possibility of personal and professional opportunities. Be social, it’s easy to get caught up in the grind of every day life but by making an effort to connect and engage with others, you never know how it could pay off in the future.

Ask questions

Make it a habit to learn something new each day. Children ask a million questions, they are always trying to make sense of the big wide world that they live in. As adults we lose this curiosity for life and it is to our own detriment.

Thinking that we know the answers to everything is a trait of ego. Make it a habit to ask questions and seek new perspectives. It will only serve to increase your knowledge and chances of success.

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